Thin Line Car Club

A Car Club exclusively for current and former First Responders. All Thin Line Car Club members get special rewards and discounts at Thin Line Events. A free car show will be held prior to our events, hosted by Kraken Motorsports, where we will feature some of our very own Thin Line Cars.


The Thin Line Cars

We are currently in the process of building several Thin Line Cars. Each car will be dedicated to a firefighter, law enforcement officer, or veteran that lost their life. We have also partnered with an NHRA Dragster to be part of our cars. The Dragster has over 2,000 dates on the hood. Each date represents a Law Enforcement Officer that was either killed in the line of duty, or from suicide over the last 10 years. The cars will not only be used at our events, but will also be submitted into car shows, magazines, parades, and other opportunities. Any money generated will go towards supporting our beneficiaries.


The Dragster


Thin Red Line


Thin Blue Line


Thin Green Line

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